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Membership Costs and Benefits


Club membership has a variety of benefits- beyond the obvious of joining a community of like-minded riders.

The fee is $1,200 annually. This goes to the cost of maintaining a stable of horses for club members, which as you know can be very expensive. Additionally, this goes pays for the cost of food at meetings, advertising to keep the club growing and other costs that come with maintaining an organization. We didn’t start maintaining our own horses until early 2010 and it has been one of the most popular benefits the club provides. Once you join, if you want to participate in a monthly ride, you can do so without having to trailor your horse! How great does that sound? While we don’t have enough horses for everyone, contact us early enough and you shouldn’t ahve a problem.

Once you join, you can refer a friend or family member at a 10% discount to them. All that person has to do is tell us that you made the recommendation. Spreading the good word is a thing we very much appreciate. At the same time, it’s our most efficient (and most cost effective) form of marketing.

Being a member of Colorado Equine Club also brings benefits across colorado. For example, we collaborate with many companies all over the western slope. Some of them provide equestrian services and equipment. If you present your club membership card at each of these stores’ checkout, you will automatically receive a 5% discount on any given product. For the full vendor list click here.

Also, if you have children (or grandchildren), bring them along for free if they are under 14 years old! We are nothing if we cannot pass on our passion to the younger generation. Our members includes four riding teachers who are willing to provide their services at no cost as long as the child is under 14 years old. We also offer training for members that older than 14 years old. We pride ourselves on being able to take riders from inexperienced to confident intermediates in only a matter of months! (Just like our March Member of the Month Lisa Levien.) 

You can enjoy our monthly newsletter completely free of any additional charge. We will keep you posted on any modifications we may make; you will know the event calendar, or whatever else happens in our club. All our contests will be announced through the newsletter.

Last, but not least, we like to surprise our members on our “anniversary.” If you have been with us for 5, 10, 15 years (and so on), we will offer you something, but you will not know until the day is at hand. It may be a substantial discount, a surprise guided equine tour of the western slope, or a piece of equipment. We like to celebrate our time together, so I hope you will join us and share your passion with us. We will welcome you with open arms.


Ready to sign up? Check out our membership page!