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Five Tips For Caring For Your Horses In Colorado Winters

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Winters in Colorado can be frigid. We get a lot of snowfall, and it can be freezing outside during the winter. If you own horses in Colorado, you don’t have a choice in preparing them for winter. If you have never wintered a horse before, you will have to learn how to do so properly. You must take care of your animal properly during the cold months; your horse could get sick if it is not taken care of properly in the winter. Here are some care tips for horse owners when the winter months come.

  1. Try to brush and groom your horse less often during the winter.

You should avoid over-grooming your horse during the winter. This is because the natural coat that they have will protect them from the cold and insulate their body warmth. It is fine to groom them in the summer or spring months when they will get overly warm. However, if you groom them too much, you could remove their natural protection from the cold.

  1. Be prepared to deal with a lot more manure.

Since your horses will be kept in a shelter for whole days during winter, you will need to be ready to deal with their manure. Try to set up a compost heap close by to the shelter that they are staying in. This will allow you to dispose of any manure that they produce quickly. And horses can produce a lot of manure, over 50 pounds per day. This is particularly the case in winter because you will be feeding them more.

  1. Give them more food during winter.

Horses will need more energy in their body when they are trying to keep warm during winter. If you do not feed them enough, they could easily go through their fat reserves in their body, and they may enter starvation mode. A lack of food during the winter months can leave a horse very skinny and cause him to lose a lot of weight by the time spring arrives. In general, try to feed you animals at least more hay during the winter months.


  1. Evaluate the need for barn maintenance.

Check the shelter where your horses are going to be staying for the winter. Try to make sure that all of the barns are in good repair. If you find any holes in the roof, or gaps in the wall, fix it right away. Doing maintenance work on your barns can ensure that your horses will be relatively comfortable and warm during winter.

  1. Check the water of the animals every day.

The temperatures in Colorado during winter can regularly go below freezing. So it is important that you check the water supply of the horses to ensure that it is not frozen. Your horses should have a steady supply of water since the air in Colorado during winter can get arid.

Winters in Colorado are only going to get colder, as temperatures continue to drop each winter. The preparation for the winter months, especially for your animals, is crucial. Remember to prepare your horses for winter before the season sets in. You will need to make in advance since you will need some time to get everything ready.

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