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New Member Becca Brown

Please welcome Becca Brown to the Colorado Equine Club! Becca is 14 years old and joins her Grandparents and older brother in the club. As a result of the family ties, Becca has been around more than a… Read More

briggs new member to colorado equine club

New Member Briggs Fieldly

We are a month behind on our new member spotlight. Sorry! But here it is! Please welcome Briggs Fieldly to the Western Colorado Equine Club! Briggs is no stranger to riding! Growing up in far west Colorado on a cattle… Read More

New Member Lisa Levien

Please welcome our newest member, Lisa Levien! Lisa is a veterinary technician in Aurora and despite being a veterinary technician she is a relatively new rider! Afterall, veterinary medicine covers a huge spectrum of animals and Lisa’s clinic works… Read More


Welcome! We are the Western Colorado Equine Club! We are a community of (mostly retired) riders across the Western Slope looking for like-minded folks to enjoy the great horse riding trails across the state. We welcome riders of… Read More

Our Recent Trip To The Colorado Horse Expo in Aurora

We recently took a trip to the Western Colorado Horse Expo and it was quite an adventure! We loaded up the whole family (two kids, two dogs but only one wife) and hit the road. It took us… Read More

Five Tips For Caring For Your Horses In Colorado Winters

Winters in Colorado can be frigid. We get a lot of snowfall, and it can be freezing outside during the winter. If you own horses in Colorado, you don’t have a choice in preparing them for winter. If… Read More


This is the blog section and is certainly a work in progress. I prefer to post more of the hard content about equestrian life and my wife is planning on writing the blog section. But I did want… Read More