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Our History

The Western Colorado Equine Club was founded in 1997 by John Elizabeth and Dr. Steven Young. Dr. Young, a veterinarian, and Mr. Elizabeth were both newly retired residents of the Western Slope and simply wanted a way to meet other like-minded riders. Since the cities of the Western Slope are somewhat spread out, and the internet wasn’t what is is today, they had trouble finding other folks who had the time and desire to explore Colorado trails in a leisurely way.

They started posting flyers for the simply named Western Colorado Equine Club at feed shops around the slope. They called for a $5 membership fee and held the first meeting at Dr. Young’s home in Gunnison. Four people showed up to that first meeting. Our last meeting in January had a total of attendance of 117 people! At that first meeting, they decided the founders decided they would meet quarterly and but schedule monthly rides that anyone could attend. The mission was simple, “to promote equestrian leisure on the Western Slope.”

We keep to the same mission today. We aren’t known for our high-speed races or hard riding. We are known for a great community of riders west of Denver who are welcoming to new and experienced riders alike.

Sadly, Dr. Young passed away in 2014 after a long fight with lung cancer. Mr. Elizabeth is still present at every meeting makes it out on the trail as often as possible.

We are proud of our history and proud that we’re still doing the same thing as when we started: Providing a great opportunity for riders of all experience levels and ages to enjoy the great trails on the Western Slope of Colorado. Ready to make history with us? Check out our membership benefits page. 

veterinarian dr. young
Dr. Young in 2012
Mr. Elizabeth, co founder of Western Colorado Equine Club
Mr. Elizabeth at the last quartery meeting